Making America DISABLED Again!

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Many of us knew what we’d be getting if Donald Trump were to become president. However, some are finding out the hard way.   A blowhard, he has been keeping his campaign promises: doing away with the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare), going ahead with the DAPL construction (Dakota Access Pipeline), defunding federal dollars to Planned Parenthood and more. The most troubling thing is his (and the Republican Congressional majority) doing away with the ACA. This affects many people, especially those of us who are considered disabled. The deaf/Hard of Hearing and those with mental health issues are now fighting an uphill battle in trying to make sure they can afford coverage to basic things like getting a …

Getting Personal: Stress and Work and Me

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It’s the New Year and I want to talk a little about overcoming stress and anxiety in the workplace, while working with Hearing people…..   Faith that things will get better is what keeps me pushing to do better and keep living life, but sometimes I have to hit “Pause” and step back.