Catching Up: When Your Loved One Hears Again

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One of the things I’ve had to get used to after getting my CI was learning about the things I missed out on when I wasn’t able to hear any longer. Everything from music to the sound of my son’s voice. I even had to become used to hearing the sounds and voices I had heard for years before like my big brother’s voice or the sound of a creaking door or the drip of water.

Hearing these sounds and voices was like waking up from a long dream that I still have to relive every day. One in which I can occasionally wake up from for periods of time.

As mentioned before, losing my hearing was one of the most depressive periods of my life. Because of my non-acceptance of hearing loss, I was so depressed that I thought of taking my life. Thankfully, the wonders of sign language saved me.

If you know someone who is struggling to catch up with modern music or is puzzled with your, or others’, voice(s), patience is golden. This is a time of both wonderment and frustration for your friend or loved one who has to basically navigate their “return” to the hearing world alone. It’s a unique experience in which you can share and make more pleasant their journey.

One thing you can do is to introduce them to music during the time span before their implantation. Remember to have the written lyrics available so that they can follow along with what is being sung, because it is difficult for many to hear the individual lyrics to songs they haven’t heard before. is a great site to get lyrics for the most popular songs out there, regardless of genre.

After a while, bring in some more current music. But not only music but movies as well. You would be amazed at how thrilling it can be to hear an actor’s voice for the first time, or even for the millionth after activation and detecting the difference in sound than what is remembered.

It can be a fascinating journey… the discovering new sounds and rediscovering old ones. And your help and patience will help your loved one’s journey that much more beautiful.



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