‘Tis the Season to be Grateful

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2017 is almost over and a new year is soon upon us. We sometimes look at the things past and see, in hindsight, how much we’ve changed. Not just in looks but also in personality and character. We see the threads of our lives in looking at our old selves to inform us of what the future may hold.


Looking back at my own life, I’ve become a lot less of an “I want that” and more of “it’s a nice day… I hope people get what they wanted”. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the day, it’s just that, along with my changing beliefs, I’ve become a lot more thankful for what I do have. Being thankful and grateful is important in life, not just this season. Too often we’re inundated with people who couldn’t be more ungrateful for what they already have and want more than they need.


However, the best gift I’ve ever gotten during the holiday season was my replacement sound processor.


My previous sound processor had stopped working and I no longer had insurance to cover a replacement, especially since the warranty had ended. I went nearly a year and a half without the ability to hear and it was frustrating! I’m normally ok with not hearing since I have been deaf since my early 20s, but this absence of a working processor was maddening. The worst thing was I couldn’t take phone calls or call in an emergency (my phone back then was not up to par to use any of the video phone apps like Purple). And it kind of hurt things with my ex-fiancé because some things are lost in translation via texting.


When I was finally able to get a new processor, I was elated! I couldn’t believe how blessed I was and I promised that I would take care of it! When I put it on for the first time, I had to get used to hearing again. It took about a week for me to get re-accustomed to sound again.


Since then, I’ve gotten an upgrade to the Nucleus 6 sound processor with wireless accessories that have made my hearing experience much better and beyond my wildest dreams. I still cherish the ability to enjoy silence and the ability to hear around me. I appreciate what God has given me.
And I’m thankful.

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