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Hi all! We’re talking today with Daniel Ferron, the creator of the new documentary “My Life, My Story, My Tourette’s”.


From left to right (front): Thadd Kennedy, Peter Giunta, Chardonde A Matthews, Kell Jackson, Shawn Jackson, Kendall Smith. In the back row are Derrick Samuels and Daniel Ferron.

I met Daniel at the Brad Cohen Tourette Syndrome Conference in 2013 when he struck up a conversation with my good friend, Char Matthews, founder of Tourette Fellowship. From there, after speaking with her, and then with me, we became part of his journey that is his documentary. Daniel, and his partner Peter Giunta, were very professional and warm with all of us who would be interviewed for his documentary.


Shawn: Before we get into the documentary, could you tell us a bit about yourself, Daniel?

Daniel: Well I am 44 years old and grew up most of my life in New Jersey. I was diagnosed with ts at the age of 5 by Dr. Arthur Shapiro. I was a test subject for 8 years of my life until my Mother said let’s take him off everything as nothing was really working. He did and As far as I’m concerned a miracle took place. By 14 the tics were about gone as I went through a 10 year re-mission. 


Could you tell us what gave you the idea to do this documentary? How long did it take, from conception to finished product?

I started pursuing a career in the film and TV business in NYC. It was only in the last 10 years that I had the idea to do a documentary about my life with Tourette’s and tell the world my story. Here I am with my good friend Peter Giunta years later having completed my vision of a wonderful project. Peter and I have traveled the country in search of other people with ts and their stories to tie into mine. This is the biggest thing I have ever worked on. We are so pleased on the end result and it is being viewed with the utmost respect and I’m loving that! One of. 

Peter Giunta and Daniel Ferron

Peter Giunta and Daniel Ferron

That’s great, Daniel! What were your emotions upon viewing the finished film?
Excited, bittersweet, healing.
What was the production like?

It was a long but rewarding two years. I know it takes two people to make something like this work but I must say Peter has done such huge amount of work as he filmed wrote edited produced etc. He would say it’s 50/50 but i give him more credit then he would give him self. Just saying. It was anything but dull and God was the one in charge and always is. We let him lead the way.

Peter and Daniel answering questions after screening of their documentary

Peter and Daniel answering questions after screening of their documentary

Amen to that. So, what’s happening now with the documentary? Is it in theaters or about to be?

Well Peter has submitted it to a couple film fests so we can’t do too much until we hear if we are accepted in any of them. We’re having local screenings to which the money is being donated to the TSA.

OK, that’s great. Where can we expect the next screening to be?

Well, we had a screening this past Sunday night in NJ with over two hundred people and raised 1,600.00 dollars. Then had a screening tonight at ESU, our local university, in East Stroudsburg, PA. Peter and I are overwhelmed with joy as we watch the different types of people different ages come to see the film. We have had three total. We observe everyone watching to see their reactions. It is a great energy and excitement to watch something that we worked so hard on for the past two years of our lives. It is like having a baby and watching it grow only to get better with age. (LOL) For the special ed classes it was awesome. Peter is waiting to see if he gets a response from any of the film fests he submitted to. It is all in Gods hands. We will continue to promote and educate people as long as it takes. 

Daniel holding up an original art piece he made during a screening of his documentary

Daniel holding up an original art piece he made during a screening of his documentary

Are there plans to have the documentary on Blu-Ray or DVD?

It is so easy to just put it on DVD right away and hope for the best. I’m not in a hurry as we want to give it the proper time to tell our story in person and in big showings first. I am sure we will put it on DVD but not just yet.

What’s next for you?

I am looking forward to the Holidays. Maybe a little break and begin fresh for 2016!

View the trailer for his documentary below.


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