Making America DISABLED Again!

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Many of us knew what we’d be getting if Donald Trump were to become president. However, some are finding out the hard way.


A blowhard, he has been keeping his campaign promises: doing away with the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare), going ahead with the DAPL construction (Dakota Access Pipeline), defunding federal dollars to Planned Parenthood and more. The most troubling thing is his (and the Republican Congressional majority) doing away with the ACA. This affects many people, especially those of us who are considered disabled. The deaf/Hard of Hearing and those with mental health issues are now fighting an uphill battle in trying to make sure they can afford coverage to basic things like getting a checkup, going to the audiologist, getting the medicine they need at a somewhat affordable cost and finding a replacement insurance that won’t charge them 6 arms and 10 legs.


What should have tipped many people off at this President’s proclivity for not caring about the disabled was his now-infamous mockery of a disabled reporter during his campaign run. And if that isn’t enough, at his swearing in, he didn’t have a sign language interpreter on stage like most past presidents have done for those who are deaf/Hard of Hearing in attendance. Instead, they and the interpreter were put in a section of the audience that wasn’t clearly labeled so the attendees from Gallaudet University had no interpreter for the majority of the inauguration. Yes, it could be called a “minor snafu” but this is representative of a larger pattern of moves and statements from Candidate, and now President, Trump.


The slogan of his campaign was “Make America Great Again”, but he’s making this entire country not only a global laughing stock, but he actually is handicapping the country. The scrapping of the ACA and the closing of our borders is just the tip of the iceberg. Without a viable alternative in place of the ACA, many of us Deafies, Touretters, mental health sufferers and MORE are going to have a rough time trying to get the proper medical care they need.


Instead of leading us to a stronger footing, he’s taken the foot and stepped on it. So what should we do in the meantime? We can’t very well just wait until his term is over in 4 years and hope we’re still alive by then. We should all write to our congressmen/women and demand that they don’t support this president with his hateful policies and rhetoric. The damage he doing to us through these executive orders to strip us of affordable means to adequate medical care is an abomination!



If you would like to contact your elected officials in Washington D.C., go to this site: and let them know we won’t stand for this! As Deafies. As Touretters. As mental health patients. As AMERICANS!


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  1. Juanita

    I agree with this! He made these decisions, along with congress, because these decisions don’t impact him. His family has money, so they have access. They don’t care about the poor or disabled. Sadly, the people who voted for him are also learning the hard way since they lean on the ACA as well.

  2. admin

    Precisely, Juanita! And it’s a hard pill for many of his voters to swallow because they didn’t think THEY would be affected! And it’s amazing that so many THOUGHT the ACA and Obamacare were two different things!

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