5 Myths about Tourette’s Syndrome

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They say that information is the key to battling ignorance.   Over the years, I’ve had to see my share of ignorance run amok when it comes to Tourette Syndrome. So I thought I’d set the record straight. Below are a few myths, half-truths and other things I thought need correcting. Some of these things I’ve spoken about on my Facebook Live broadcasts, some I’ve spoken about here on the site. So I thought: Why not put them all up in one post for all to see at once?   So, without further ado…   5 Myths About Tourette’s Syndrome   ”Isn’t that the thing where you’re swearing all the time?” Contrary to popular belief, less than 5% of people …

Getting Personal: Stress and Work and Me

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It’s the New Year and I want to talk a little about overcoming stress and anxiety in the workplace, while working with Hearing people…..   Faith that things will get better is what keeps me pushing to do better and keep living life, but sometimes I have to hit “Pause” and step back.

Fatherhood Tales: Deafness, Tourette’s and Becoming a Father

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I’m sure for all fathers-to-be, the prospect of actual fatherhood is both a joyous and scary proposition. As well it should be. But it was fraught, for me, with worries that my son would experience some of the same pains I did by inheriting my Tourette’s or become deaf.

When Your Friend, Loved One or Relative Has Tourette Syndrome

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We often empathize with people with who have it rough, but what many of us consider ‘rough’ is usually something like a terminal illness or homelessness. Things easily understandable. But what happens when a close friend or family member is diagnosed with something that isn’t easily understandable?