5 Myths about Tourette’s Syndrome

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They say that information is the key to battling ignorance.   Over the years, I’ve had to see my share of ignorance run amok when it comes to Tourette Syndrome. So I thought I’d set the record straight. Below are a few myths, half-truths and other things I thought need correcting. Some of these things I’ve spoken about on my Facebook Live broadcasts, some I’ve spoken about here on the site. So I thought: Why not put them all up in one post for all to see at once?   So, without further ado…   5 Myths About Tourette’s Syndrome   ”Isn’t that the thing where you’re swearing all the time?” Contrary to popular belief, less than 5% of people …

The Poem and The Genesis

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I felt those pangs as I was losing my hearing over the course of months and those times in High School when I had to be carried out of class because my ticcing had taken over my whole body and I was too loud for the entire school.