8 Great Resources to Learn American Sign Language

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Many people express an interest in learning American Sign Language yet rarely pursue it because of a fear of difficulty or cost.   However, there are many ways one can learn a good deal of ASL alone. For those of us who are deaf/HoH and rely on ASL to communicate and have friends or family members who truly want to learn on their own time, these apps and websites can help tremendously! And it is especially helpful for parents who want to communicate with their toddlers.   Keep in mind that these are only tools and are not a replacement for actual in-person learning, whether through a classroom or a tutor. They can be a supplement for classroom learning but …

Fatherhood Tales: Deafness, Tourette’s and Becoming a Father

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I’m sure for all fathers-to-be, the prospect of actual fatherhood is both a joyous and scary proposition. As well it should be. But it was fraught, for me, with worries that my son would experience some of the same pains I did by inheriting my Tourette’s or become deaf.

The Poem and The Genesis

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I felt those pangs as I was losing my hearing over the course of months and those times in High School when I had to be carried out of class because my ticcing had taken over my whole body and I was too loud for the entire school.