Our First Annual Community BBQ for Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Month

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What began as a simple thought became a passion project.


Our second event in the life of this blog was all about spreading awareness of Tourette Syndrome while having fun and meeting others with TS. It was actually through the promotion leading up to the event that we came to know one of the attendees, Madalena.

Touretter, Madalena and I. She was such a great spirit!


During our short talks on FB and our Twitter chat with @FlyDuo (along with another prominent guest with Tourette Syndrome), her enthusiasm and genuineness in dispensing information about TS, in general and personally, was refreshing! She was even more engaging in person when we met at the BBQ.


I got there very early and my manager, Mallori, and I set things up. The music was provided by DJ HypeKing and it was seriously lit! Early on, I busted a few moves before the party got started! It was bound to be a good time.

Others who supported D/T came and we all talked about what Tourette is and what it meant to live with it.


Author MoFlames and the DT media and events manager Mallori Symone


Oh, and the food was great! Thanks to Sonny’s BBQ for providing such a great buffet for all of us. I was full before the event was even halfway over! Everyone had a good amount to eat and barely any food went to waste.

Near the end of the BBQ, I was interviewed by Precious Kofie-Williams of the Youtube channel Simply Passionate Life on what it’s been like being a father living with Tourette Syndrome and being Deaf. I felt truly honored and appreciated the questions she asked me, along with some knowledge of Tourette she already had. Look for that video interview around Father’s Day!

Precious of Youtube’s Simply Passionate Life, myself, and my son at the #DTBBQ last month for Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month

I think I speak for everyone in attendance that enjoyment was had and I am already looking forward to the Second Annual Community BBQ! I expect you all to be there!



To see more photos from the #DTBBQ, check out the Deaf/Tourette FB Page!

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