Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month and You

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Tourette Syndrome is an often misunderstood illness. This is why Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month is so important.

When I was 15, I didn’t know anything about Tourette Syndrome. I had never seen anything about it nor had I ever met anyone with it. I had lived in ignorance about it until almost a week before my first TS episode. After that, I sought as much information about it as I could find. I read “Twitch and Shout” by Lowell Handler and, soon after, watched the documentary of the same name.


After over 20 years of living with Tourette Syndrome, I have not stopped learning about it. Every few months I learn something new about my own illness and TS at large. The comorbid disorders commonly associated with TS are a facet that is not always explored and something I only learned about relatively recently in the last few years. Whether personally or in general, there’s always something new to learn.


This link helps dispel some of the common misconceptions and false beliefs of TS.


Here, I speak about what it feels like to tic, to not be in control of your own body.


I hope you take this time to understand and learn further what Tourette Syndrome is and how it may affect those in your life.

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